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Technology Based Business Incubator

Technology Based Business Incubator has the tasks of service activity in Technology Based Business Incubator .


Function :

  • Facilitation and consulting and business management, legal aspects, and support for business incubation facilities to support the development of cooperatives, small and medium enterprises based on technology or innovation;
  • Facilitation and consulting entrepreneurial human resource development, development of business networks, access to finance, and cooperation both within and outside the country, as well as the incubation of correctional services;
  • Administrative services in the Technology based business Incubator.


Services :

1.  Starter Incubation Technology Based Company

Incubation Technology is a series of activities tenant capacity building process both the business and technology to create technology-based startup companies.

Product Criteria Tenant

  • Having a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) ≥ 7
  • Having technical feasibility
  • Is the result of the process of innovation / research

Become a Tenant Criteria

  • Have a business proposal
  • Having a business feasibility
  • Is a technology-based business / innovation
  • Having a human resources committed to conducting business

Incubation facility

  • Incubation building in a beautiful environment, safe and comfortable
  • The room facilities, electricity, telephone, fax, internet, secretarial and common room
  • Incubation in the incubator (outwall)

Benefits of Being a Tenant

  • Getting the office facilities
  • Accompanied in development of the product (test production), certification and marketing
  • Received training in business development and technology
  • Accessibility to capital and marketing for mass production.

2.  Assistance Establishment Innovation Center

BIT Incubator accompanies the organizational set in kerangaka Teknoprener development in priority areas Strengthening Innovation System.

3.  Innovative Talent Teknoprener

searching candidates for technology-based entrepreneurs, has been undertaken both within the Champ Technopreneurship BPPT and in cooperation with other institutions..


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