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Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) is a non-departmental government institution under the coordination of the Ministry of Research and Technology which has the task of carrying out government duties in the field of assessment and implementation of technology.

BPPT establishment was first came from the former President, Soeharto’s idea passed to Prof Dr. Ing. B.J. Habibie on 28th January 1974.

With decree number 76/M/1974 on January 5th,1974, Prof Dr. Ing. B.J. Habibie was elected as Goverment advisor in the field of advanced technology and aviation technology who responsible directly to President by forming Advance Technology and Aviation Technology (ATTP) Pertamina.

Through Board of commisioners of Pertamina’s decree number 04/KPTS/DR/DU/1975 on April 1st , 1976, ATTP was renamed into Pertamina Advanced Technology Division. Later, this name was changed into Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) through presidental decree Number 25 date August 21st 1978. Renewed with a Presidential decree number 47 year 1991

Here are the Leaders of BPPT from the beginning to present:


Prof. Dr.Ing. B.J. Habibie


Prof. Dr. Rahardi Ramelan


Prof. Dr. Zuhal MSEE


Dr. A.S. Hikam


Ir. M. Hatta Rajasa


Dr. Kusmayanto Kadiman


Prof. Ir. Said Djauharsyah Jenie, Sc.D


Dr. Ir. Marzan A. Iskandar


Dr. Ir. Unggul Priyanto

2019 - ...

Dr. Ir. Hammam Riza, M.Sc.

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