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Role and Scope



Technology Intermediation
Facilitate relation, linkage, network and partnership between two parties or more in order to utilize engineered technology results.
Give access for industries, head institutions / local governments and public society to utilize science & technology resources from BPPT or other research institutions

Technology Clearing House
Carrying out technology clearing test as authority or support for declaring whether a technology is feasible or not to be implemented in Indonesia or other contexts. (For example, feasibility according to society and environment protection from the perspective of safety, health, security to human/society and or environmental preservation)

Assessment of Technology
Carrying out systemic multi-dimensional studies about a technology to develop understanding about technology readiness level, technological value estimation as an intellectual assets along with its opportunities & challenges / risks, estimation of the impact of an already implemented technology, strategic/ policy implication or policy recommendation on a certain organizational / public level.

Audit of Technology
Carrying out a study systemically with legal standard procedure to evaluate, to compare and / or to verify a technology / technology implementation based on  certain standard / criteria.

Technology Solution

  • Providing technological advises
  • Facilitating / implementing technology implementation
  • Providing technical services in technology field
  • Carrying out technological guidance



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