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Prologue From Deputy PKT


Development ideals Indonesia in Law No. 17 year 2007 on the National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 2005-2025 expressed as a vision "Independent, Forward, Fair and Prosperous". Indonesian economic outlook is done through the principles of managing the national productivity improvement through innovation,acquisition, research, development and application of science and technology towards the knowledge-based economy and the nation's independence and resilience in a sustainable manner. That's why the strengthening of the innovation system becomes a very important agenda in order to promote knowledge-based economic development. The acceleration and expansion of Indonesia's economic development has also been launched to bring Indonesia as the world's major economic powers 12 in year 2025.

In order to support national development, Deputy for Deputy For Technology Policy Assessment - BPPT focusing on direction, policy and program priorities and activities in the strengthening of the innovation system to support the development of a progressive, inclusive, and sustainable in Indonesia.

Essentially, strengthening the innovation system is integrated actions to fix the system that is an entity that influence the direction and pace of innovation development, diffusion, and the learning process by system. Therefore, Innovation Policy Framework is a collaborative footing developed and implemented in strengthening the innovation system systematically. This is done through six (6) IPF elements, namely:

  1. Developing climate / environment conducive to innovation and business;
  2. Strengthening the institutional and resources to support science and technology, and increasing the absorption capacity of the business world;
  3. Promote interaction and partnership in science and technology and innovation, as well as technology-based services / knowledge;
  4. Developing a culture of innovation;
  5. Improve alignment / coherence strengthening of the innovation system;
  6. Improve alignment with the dynamics of global development.

Meanwhile, program strategies are developed and implemented through the priority program as a vehicle for strengthening the innovation system in the form of flagship programs. the Fifth flagship programs are :

  1. Strengthening Regional Innovation System;
  2. Industrial Cluster Development;
  3. Development Innovation Network;
  4. Technopreneur development;
  5. Development Thematic Pillar.

Framework of the strengthening of the innovation system developed and implemented contextually to focus the program / BPPT activity to contribute to the strengthening of the national innovation system and in creating / developing success stories for strengthening the innovation system in Indonesia.


Deputy For Technology Policy Assessment


Dr. Ir. Gatot Dwianto, M.Eng


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