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Prologue From Principal Secretary


Principal Secretariat is an important element in achieving the vision and mission of BPPT. Principal Secretariat (Setama) is a unit supporting the implementation of programs and activities in the BPPT. Setama composed of the Bureau of Planning and Finance; Bureau of Human Resources and Organization; Bureau of Legal Affairs, Cooperation and Public Relations; and Bureau of General Affairs which has a role and a great responsibility to realize how the action plan of the programs in the BPPT could proceed. Setama has a role to manage administratively on the development of human resources, managing budgets and programs in the field, as well as the activities of public relations, education and training . Setama also help the development of a program for the commercialization of which is realized through BPPT Engineering

Setama has important role in providing signposts in the form of SOP for technical support of the deputies in the implementation of technology services, Public Service Board and self-management. Setama also took on the task to be performed jointly with the technical deputy department that technical deputies in carrying out its activities to feel comfortable and transparent in implementing technology services activities

Bureaucratic Reform Program is one of the steps executed by Setama to be an organization that has excellent service and accompanied by a change in the mindset of all elements of the organization. With excellent service expected to support Utilization Through Technology Partnership to Support the National Industrial Competitiveness.


Principal Secretary of BPPT


Prof. Ir. Wimpie Agoeng Noegroho A, MSCE, Ph.D.


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