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Prologue TIEM


The organization is one of the medium to achieve the goals or ideals together. The organization also established taking into account the internal capacity in order to meet the dynamic and growing challenges in the community, state and nation. Thus the organization must be flexible and accommodating

Deputy Tiem at first was a directorate which later evolved. since established, the Deputy Tiem more emphasis on the duties and functions so named Deputy for Technology Development (Bangtek). In the era after the 1998 reforms, BPPT reorganized by focusing on the areas of technology options. Naming unit also shifted from the unit that includes the role and function of a unit that focuses more on the field of Information Technology, Energy and Materials Engineering only.

Dynamics of the deputies Tiem is a logical consequence of reposisioning BPPT. BPPT as a non-departmental government agency set up to provide advice and input to the President, it is required to have and to understand the problems associated with the use of superior technology policy to help guide the advancement of the nation.

Hopefully this profile can explain the long journey TIEM and BPPT



Deputy For Information, Energy, And Material Technology


Dr. Eng. Eniya Listiani Dewi, B.Eng., M.Eng.



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