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Assalamu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh,

Transparency and accountability are two main characteristics of a modern organization. therefore, the presence of the Deputy website Industry Technology Design and engineering (TIRBR) - BPPT become a place of exchange of information and public accountability of our media. Deputy TIRBR website provides information on activities, programs and performance deputies TIRBR implement 3 BPPT to achieve VISION MISSION BPPT through 5 BPPT role in order to improve the welfare of the people of Indonesia

TIRBR consists of 4 centres and 6 laboratory, which are located in Jakarta, Puspiptek, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. This requires a special effort in order to output TIRBR not only in the form of output but outcomes and impact that have greater leverage to the achievement of VISION. Such efforts include the program as a medium to make all resources to optimize synergies. Since the beginning of 2012 has been initiated based on the Program market driven which is TIRBR contributing to the problem and national programs, and implemented using the system of engineering work within the framework of the innovation system. In 2013 there is no longer a stand-alone activity, and mainly located in the field of transportation technology, defense and machinery

In accordance with the duties, the history of its development as well as the current constellation, then from BPPT 3 MISSION, positioning and focusing TIRBR role will be more on Improvement of Industrial Competitiveness and National Independence. In general it is envisaged in the tag-line "Industrial Competitiveness and independence of the nation must be created. He depends on the capacity of design and engineering technology to be innovated continuously and synergy with our partners "

Welcome and join our Website. We look forward to your comments and input to jointly build this State to the Nation innovation-driven.



Deputy For Design And Engineering Industrial Technology


Dr. Ir. Wahyu Widodo Pandoe, MSc



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