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Prologue TPSA


Natural resources are diverse and abundant, and mastery of geoscience technology is a combination to prosperity.

Task of BPPT - TPSA in this case is mastering the technology environment and natural resource management and disaster risk reduction so that the area of ​​Indonesia wich is rich, dynamic, strategic, but this disaster-prone areas can benefit as much as possible for the Indonesian nation and the world. During this time, the practice of management of our natural resources are cut, dig, fishing, and then sell. This practice is certainly not optimal, unsustainable, vulnerable to environmental destruction, and can lead to disaster.

A concrete example is our experience managing petroleum. It turns out we only triumphed in a period of 20 years as exporters. After that, we now slumped. Not to mention the forest shave everywhere due to coal lately depleted and exported without being processed. The minerals also so does.

Meanwhile, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, forest fires increasingly rife. This threat has reduced the pace of development in Indonesia in the last decade. There must be a way to protect our communities. The concept and discourse alone is not enough. We need real work to produce products that can reduce the risk of disaster.

In short, TPSA should produce technologies to maximize the effectiveness of natural resources in a sustainable manner; and reduce the risk of disaster for the community.


Deputy For Natural Resources Development Technology


Dr. Ir. Hammam Riza, M.Sc


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